Are you considering migrating to the Sunquest lab interface? You already know the lab is the hub of the modern healthcare system. More than half of a patient’s medical records are related to lab testing. Without prompt and accurate lab tests, a physician can’t make a proper diagnosis or recommend effective treatment.

However, if you’ve discovered that your old laboratory information system (LIS) is not adaptable or suitable for EMR/EHR integration, then you’re probably considering a switch. Sunquest lab interface provides cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of tech-driven lab operations. Here are some reasons why you should consider migrating to the Sunquest lab interface.

1. Efficiency and Ease-of-Use

Sunquest’s lab solutions enhance your workflow in the lab. Each time you interface with your LIS, you don’t want an unpleasant experience. With the pressure that you face in the lab daily, your LIS must be intuitive and easy to use.

Sunquest’s interface helps you reduce keypresses and mouse movements. You can quickly enter data and use efficient bar-code technology. This LIS technology has been developed over four decades, so it has the features needed to meet the needs of virtually all types of labs in existence today.

2. Continuous Improvement

Our healthcare systems and regulations are constantly evolving. So, your laboratory information system (LIS) must be flexible and adaptable. As new regulations are released and patients require more efficient lab services, your information system must be able to meet new demands.

Sunquest makes regular changes to their solution to meet new patient expectations, handle precision medicine, and enhance integrated reporting. This LIS helps you do more in less time.

3. Efficient Upgrades

Providers find it difficult to upgrade their systems due to financial constraints. When a system is obsolete, productivity decreases. Eventually, users find it more difficult to adapt to a new upgrade, and re-training is more challenging.

Sunquest lab interface was designed to make upgrades quick and easy. Also, there is an online training system that caters to the needs of laboratory staff. This makes it easy for users to learn the new features at their convenience.

4. Effective Interoperability

Sunquest LIS was created to interface with modern EHR systems. So, integration and interoperability are top priorities. The intuitive interface helps you implement seamless connectivity between your lab and your clinicians’ offices.

Using Sunquest in your lab will enable you to achieve the following:

  • Lab analytics: You can integrate data from multiple sources and get a comprehensive picture for effective decision making.
  • Instrumentation: You can connect a wide variety of lab equipment and send and receive data without manual data entry.
  • Interoperability with external sources: You may receive orders from other EHRs and send test results back to them.

5. Excellent Technical Support

Your Sunquest LIS installation will be supported by a highly skilled and dedicated support team. Sunquest has proven this many times over with a high rating for its global customer support.

You can open cases through their tech-driven support system and escalate them for prompt action. Their support system also provides an extensive knowledge base with many topics that allow you to do a lot of troubleshooting by yourself.

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