The reasons for using a MicroMD interface are many. Most CIOs already know the benefits of practice management systems. They enhance workflows and boost efficiency. A robust PMS also:

  • Allows clinicians to focus on improving the quality of care
  • Improves billing processing
  • Reduces documentation errors
  • Maintains compliance with HIPAA rules
  • Streamlines the scheduling of appointments
  • Automates patient reminders and follow-up

While most practice management system providers tout these benefits when marketing their products, not all PMS solutions are created the same.

For the following reasons, MicroMD interface is one of the PMS solutions you should consider when you are planning to replace or upgrade your system for improved efficiency and profitability.

1. Automated Connections to Clearinghouses and Payers

MicroMD allows practices to select any of the major clearinghouse options for billing and revenue collection. The designers of the MicroMD interface have worked with various clearing partners to integrate their product and offer discounted pricing to users.

This partnership allows users to enjoy a reliable EDI solution backed by prompt and dedicated support. Regardless of the size of your practice, working with MicroMD can improve the speed of billing processing and the collection of accounts receivable.

Similarly, the MicroMD PMS works directly with different payers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, and Medicare for instant EDI connections. It provides a seamless link for processing primary and secondary claims.

2. Efficient Patient Appointment Reminder Systems

This PMS interface has a reliable and automated patient appointment reminder system. It was designed to boost clinicians’ productivity and reduce missed appointments.

By interfacing with telephony application interfaces, it is possible to export appointment schedules from MicroMD. The telephony software may be used to send text or voice messages to the patient. It is also possible to send automated email messages to remind patients about up-coming appointments.

3. Interfaces With Leading LIMS Solutions

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) supports virtually all lab operations. From receiving orders to performing tests to transmitting results, an LIMS is the backbone of most modern laboratories.

MicroMD interfaces with many popular laboratory information system products out of the box. So, you can view test results, create custom reports, and send electronic orders through the practice management interface.

4. APIs and Analysis Features

MicroMD provides interfaces for custom development. It allows the development of data integration solutions with HL7 in addition to advanced reporting and analytics.

With different data management tools and technologies, you can develop decision support systems. This will enable you to discover trends and monitor the productivity and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

5. Easy Patient Billing

You can use MicroMD to receive bill payments efficiently. Patients will appreciate the user-friendly interface, easy-to-read account statements, and online billing options. The interface is also linked to the portals of reliable billing service providers.

Discover How a MicroMD Interface Can Improve Your Practice

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