A sophisticated analytics portal can provide your lab with instant visual data analytics. This will lead to informed laboratory management. You will be able to make smart and informed decisions. The dashboard comparisons will enable effective and collaborative decisions, and it will be easy to find waste and eliminate bottlenecks. While an analytics solution is not a cure-all for all laboratory management challenges, it is an effective business intelligence tool with unique features that offer the following benefits.

1. Cost Savings

Your analytics software can help you streamline lab processes and uncover previously unknown opportunities to reduce operational costs.  Modern lab analytics solutions are browser-based. This means they can be used on a wide variety of platforms including desktops, laptops, and tablet PCs.

They enable you to enjoy fast implementation without a huge capital investment. Your staff will easily learn to use the portal with minimal training, thereby reducing the cost of deployment.

2. Faster Growth

Using a user-friendly analytics portal will enhance customer management. This, in turn, improves client retention and drives growth. The analytics platform will offer you actionable insights that will enable you to boost the effectiveness of your operations. The insights obtained can also reveal areas where financial performance can improve in the lab and other parts of the healthcare organization.

3. Quality Improvements

Every lab needs to keep improving its quality of service to remain competitive and attract new customers. Using a professionally designed lab analytics portal can enhance accuracy, boost efficiency, and improve turnaround times. The efficiency of the lab also has a direct impact on the entire healthcare continuum.

A little quality improvement can have a profound effect on the quality of patient care across the organization. You need analytics software that can help you identify process, quality, and staffing improvement opportunities. Such allows you to eliminate waste, boost efficiency, and add significant value back to the laboratory for better financial performance.

Here are some of the features that improve productivity and performance:

  • Customizable workflow segments that enable you to set turnaround times.
  • Pending lists that allow you to identify all jobs in the queue and those that will require reassignment to different lab workers.
  • Outlier reports that provide daily reviews and reveal true performance.
  • Filters to create reports that are important to you, e.g. tests, time, and location.

4. Strategy

A well-designed lab analytics platform will help you solve tough laboratory challenges. This will put your lab in a unique position as a partner in progress for your organization.

Some of the strategic solutions that your analytics solution can offer include:

  • Quick information exchange: Instead of the traditional top-down approach, analytics tools offer you both pre-built and customized views of information. So, you have prompt access to all insights for strategic decision making.
  • Action plans: Trends analysis allows you to make prompt decisions to optimize staffing or coverage, so you can accomplish more with fewer resources.
  • Streamlined analytics: You can use the information obtained from your analytics platform to support bigger health system initiatives.

Need a Performance Boosting Lab Analytics Portal?

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