Clinical data exchange is a system designed to share clinical data between disparate healthcare information systems (HIS). It is the capacity to move clinical information among different HISs and keep the meaning and integrity of the information. Sharing data effectively benefits multiple stakeholders in healthcare including providers, patients, and payers. It makes more data available to improve patient care and medical outcomes but it comes with challenges that Halfpenny Technologies is suited to address.

The Main Challenge With Clinical Data Exchange

Providers usually appreciate the value of data exchange among departments like the clinician’s office, laboratory, radiology department, and billing department. However, many don’t have the motivation to share clinical data with other external users. They are skeptical because of market competition and security issues.

Other issues that impede effective data exchange include:

  • Most healthcare data lack a definite structure or predefined data model.
  • Most health information systems don’t read free text data.
  • A plethora of electronic transaction standards, unstandardized clinical terms, and outdated standards exist in many provider systems.
  • Internal coding methods and proprietary systems use different codes to represent a particular ailment.
  • Some EHR vendors block access and demand for high fees for information exchange.
  • Security concerns make it difficult for providers to share information with payers.

The Halfpenny Tech Solution

Halfpenny Technologies has created solutions to overcome data exchange challenges. The company designs healthcare connectivity and interoperability solutions for computerized physician data entry (CPOE), clinical data exchange, and health information exchange (HIE). With their expertise as developers and experience with clinical workflow, they have designed solutions for connectivity to electronic health records, laboratory information systems, and healthcare information systems.

Halfpenny Technologies has created connectivity solutions and clinical data integration products that enable providers and labs to receive and process clinician orders for services.

The latest version of Halfpenny’s fully managed solution offers secure cloud-based data exchange. The unique design optimizes care coordination, increases STAR ratings, and provides efficient communication between providers’ LIS and EHR systems.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Halfpenny Technology data exchange service include:

  • Normalization: The rules-based engine enables you to acquire, filter, standardize, normalize, and deliver data in the format preferred by the receiving system.
  • 24-hour support: Users enjoy 24/7 support, backed by proactive monitoring, notifications, and alerts on service interruptions.
  • Pre-built adapters: The solution contains built-in adapters that can integrate effectively with more than 90% of the existing EMR, RIS, LIS, and HIS. This makes it easy to exchange patient records, lab test and radiology results as well as pharmacy transactions.
  • Interoperability: The Halfpenny technology solution covers computerized physician order entry, EHR integration, test dictionary builds, and LOINC mapping.
  • Cost savings: With the cloud-based solution, you can avoid the high costs and inefficiencies associated with point-to-point connections. This solution reduces both implementation and support costs.

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