Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) is the process medical professionals use to enter and send treatment instructions including prescriptions, radiology, and laboratory orders through a computer application. Providers use e-prescribing systems that have the capability to inform doctors about drug-to-drug interactions or allergies that can be triggered by a particular order.

Since the first stage of the Meaningful Use program emphasizes the need to use CPOE, many providers have implemented some form of e-prescribing. However, it’s important to note that CPOE is not a mere replacement for paper charts. It requires a redesign of your order entry process for it to be effective.

Why CPOE Is Important

When you implement CPOE properly, it will offer the following benefits:

  • Low error rate: CPOE can minimize errors in physicians’ orders by helping them to create legible and complete orders.
  • Improved patient safety: Most CPOE systems have pre-built decision support tools that instantly check orders for allergies, drug interactions, and other things that affect patient safety.
  • Efficient processing of orders: CPOE saves time. Cost savings for clinicians and pharmacists after implementing CPOE could be up to 2 hours daily. CPOE helps your organization to send and process prescription orders and orders for lab or radiology tests faster.
  • Reduced claim denials: When orders need pre-approval, using a CPOE system makes it easy to flag them. Then, they can be sent for pre-approval and they won’t end up being denied.

Why You Should Work With CPOE Vendors

  • Effective transfer of order sets: Your vendor can help you to integrate your hospital’s order sets into your EHR. You can work together to devise a formal method of transferring all the existing order sets into the system.
  • Standardizing of order sets: This is usually a challenge for providers to handle alone. Remember that prior to the use of CPOE, physicians have created their rules and evidence-based order sets. In some cases, physicians in a similar discipline may have varied order sets. Standardizing order sets helps to remove any variation in patient care. Your vendor can help create an agreeable standard that will be accepted by every physician.
  • Proper training of all clinicians: After moving hundreds of order sets into your EHR and standardizing them, the job is not over yet. You still need to get clinicians to use the system efficiently. There is a need to train them to create clear and concise order sets every time they use the CPOE. Your vendor can assign their user education experts to teach your physicians for a brief period before full implementation.
  • Creation of custom CPOE interface: Setting up a CPOE is not enough to guarantee efficient use of the system. You need a custom interface to help users view orders and results on the same page. This can be designed and developed in partnership with CPOE vendors.

Learn How to Work With CPOE Vendors More Efficiently

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